The Dangerous Insects

In as much as insects actually come in handy with an array of advantages with respect to the food chain, you certainly need to get yourself armed with sufficient information about how the insects can be dangerous so that you can take preventive measures so things don’t work against you. In addition to that, once you get conversant with the potential effects of the attack of insects, you’ll automatically want to know about the next line of action when you are attacked by an insect, making it easier for you to handle the situation.


mosquitoesMosquitoes are certainly among the most dangerous insects following the fact that it causes malaria. Particularly, the female anopheles mosquito is the causative agent of malaria, a disease that kills many people and cripples the activities of many others once they contract the disease. You, therefore, need to seek medication fast enough if you realize that you have been bitten by a mosquito so that you don’t put your life at risk. Also, if you learn more about how to avoid getting bitten by the insect, you’ll be in a better position to evade the disease.

Tsetse flies

Tsetse flies are another type of insect that are found in Africa. Once they bite the victim, they inject a powerful toxin that affects the capacity of the victim. In fact, to justify that the tsetse flies are dangerous insects, research has it that almost half a million people lost their lives following an attack by tsetse flies. All this happened in Africa. The venom of the flies causes sleeping sickness and if it goes out of hand, becomes fatal and causes tragic death of the victim.


Despite being very pivotal in matters of production of honey, bees can be very dangerous to humans when things go out of hand. A particular type of bee that can be very dangerous to humans is the killer bee that targets the eye and can pursue an individual for a mile to attack.