Downsides of Insects

It is perfectly right to say that everything under the sun has advantages and disadvantages as far as human life is concerned. However, it’s always prudent to place the advantages and disadvantages of something on a weighing scale, so as to find out its true value at the end of the day, depending on the final outcome. If advantages outweigh the disadvantages, then it’s valuable. You, however, need to take note of the fact that insects may also cause havoc on the lives of humanity, but some insects are indeed important. Here are some of the downsides of insects.

Pests to Crops

pests-to-cropsPests are a rough blow to agriculturalists since they really slow down their growth. In fact, if not noticed early enough, pesticides can potentially ruin all your investments, leaving you to gnashing your teeth and weeping over the losses they cause. These pests, therefore, call for extra expenses on the side of farmers. It’s therefore undoubtedly true that such insects are a liability and should be gotten rid of. The ultimate losers are the agriculturalists that have a hard time trying to control the insects.


Apart from pets that attack plants, another tragic downside of insects is the cause of diseases. In spite of the fact that most of the insects are fatal to crops, fact is that they can also result into dangerous diseases that can eventually kill many people. An appropriate example is malaria which is caused by mosquitoes. To date, many records show that many children, as well as pregnant mothers, die every year as a result of malaria. Other people apart from mothers and children are also exposed to the risk of contracting malaria and if medical attention is not sought early enough, then they can lose their lives.


Some insects can actually get invasive of your space. Houseflies, cockroaches, and bedbugs are juts to name a few when it comes to insects that can make your life very uncomfortable at the end of the day.